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Jody Russon

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Drexel University
M.A.,Towson University
B.A., University of Delaware

  • Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Board Approved Supervisor for LMFTs and LPCs, Virginia
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Virginia & Pennsylvania
  • Certified Supervisor & Trainer, Attachment-Based Family Therapy
  • Instructor, Person-of-the-Therapist

Office Phone:  540-231-4235
Work Cell:  267-388-1095
Office:  840 University City Blvd, Suite 1
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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About Jody:

Dr. Russon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. She is a translational scientist contributing to the fields of family therapy and suicidology. Community-engaged research (CEnR) is a fundamental value of her approach to science, practice and education.

Her line of research specifically focuses on the adaptation, dissemination and implementation (AD&I) of suicide interventions and prevention strategies. The purpose of AD&I science is to translate, spread, and increase the quality of empirically supported interventions to reduce the research-practice gap in the health professions. Dr. Russon has three, overlapping areas of research.

  • First, her primary research area is centered on adapting, testing and disseminating family-based suicide treatment models for underserved youth populations in the healthcare system, particularly LGBTQ+ adolescents and young adults.
  • Second, in an effort to better engage with the systems interfacing with those with suicidal thoughts and behavior, she is establishing another line of research to implement screening and triage approaches in these systems.
  • Third, her final area of research contributes to the others by examining factors associated with help seeking and service utilization among adolescent and young adult populations.

To support these efforts, Dr. Russon operates a transdisciplinary research initiative, called the Alliance for the Study of Suicide Prevention and Intervention through Relationship Enrichment, ASPIRE.

Dr. Russon’s teaching and supervisory experience is focused on applied skills for family therapy researchers and practitioners. She has a particular interest in mixed methods research (MMR) and has developed a doctoral-level course to train students to conduct MMR. Dr. Russon is an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor and a Person-of-the-Therapist (POTT) instructor. She is also a certified trainer and supervisor in Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) and has received advanced clinical training in emotionally focused therapy for couples (EFT).

Selected Publications:

Diamond, G.S., Kobak, R., Krauthamer Ewing, E.S., Levy, S.A., Herres, J., Russon, J., & Gallop, R. (2019). A randomized controlled trial: Attachment-based family and nondirective supportive treatments for youth who are suicidal. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 58(7), 721-731.

Ibrahim, M., Jin, B., Russon, J., Kobak, R. & Diamond, G. (2018). Predicting alliance for depressed and suicidal adolescents: The role of perceived attachment to mothers. Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 3(1), 42-56.

Russon, J., Mensinger, J., Herres, J., Shearer, A., *Vaughan, K., Wang, S. B., & Diamond, G. S. (2019). Identifying risk factors for disordered eating among female youth in primary care. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 50(5), 1-11.

Ibrahim, M., Russon, J., Levy, S., & Diamond, G. (2018). Promoting parental acceptance of bisexuality: A case study of attachment-based family therapy. Journal of Family Psychotherapy29(3), 223-251.

Shearer, A., Russon, J., Herres, J., Wong, A., Jacobs, C., Diamond, G.M., & Diamond, G.S. (2018). Religion, sexual orientation, and suicide attempts among a sample of suicidal adolescents. Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior48(4), 431-437.

Diamond, G., Russon, J., & Levy, S. (2016). Attachment‐based family therapy: A review of the empirical support. Family Process55(3), 595-610.

Shearer, A., Russon, J., Herres, J., Atte, T., Kodish, T., & Diamond, G. (2015). The relationship between disordered eating and sexuality amongst adolescents and young adults.  Eating Behaviors, 19, 115-119.

Russon, J. & Schmidt, C. (2014). Authenticity and career decision-making self-efficacy in lesbian, gay, and bisexual college students. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 26(2), 207-211.