The FTC is a training site for doctoral students in the marriage and family therapy program area of the Department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS). We equally value clinical services and research, and we are training our students to be adept scholar-practitioners. We have partnered with Brigham Young University’s Marriage and Family Therapy – Practice Research Network to collect clinical data on a weekly basis to assist our therapists in their work with you. The only way this data can be used for research purposes is with your written permission and informed consent. While completion of the weekly assessments is an essential part of our clinical services, we will not require you to take part in research as a condition of your treatment.

Virginia Tech is committed to protecting the rights of and ensuring the safety of human subjects participating in research conducted by faculty, staff and students of the University and for research in which Virginia Tech is engaged.  Virginia Tech’s Human Research Protection Program reviews research studies, including any conducted at the Family Therapy Center, to make sure that rights and safety of research participants are protected.