Congratulations to all of the Hokies, who were recipients of 2020 and 2021 AAMFT awards!

Sean Davis – AAMFT Training Award 2020
Dr. Sean Davis, Virginia Tech alumnus, was awarded the 2020 AAMFT Training Award. This honor recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of the field of marriage and family therapy through encouraging and training the next generation of marriage and family therapy researchers and/or practitioners.

Fred Piercy – AAMFT Emeritus Award 2020
Dr. Fred Piercy, Professor Emeritus, former MFT area faculty member, and Head of the Department of Human Development and Family Science at Virginia Tech, was awarded the 2020 AAMFT Emeritus Award.

Mary Nedela – AAMFT Dissertation Award 2021
Dr. Mary Nedela, graduate of the MFT program area, was awarded the 2021 AAMFT Dissertation award. Dr. Nedela’s dissertation titled “Bisexual Relationships: Investigating the Impact of Attitudes Regarding Bisexuality on Relationship Satisfaction Among Female Same-Gender Couples,” resulted in an emerging process model of relationship satisfaction in intimate bisexual relationships.

KP Puckett – AAMFT Master’s Thesis Award 2020
Current doctoral student, KP was awarded the 2020 Master’s Thesis Award. KP’s thesis, completed at East Carolina University, was titled “Stress and resilience in gender nonbinary individual.” The project was a phenomenological study of lived experiences of gender nonbinary individuals as they relate to stress and resilience.