In July, two students in the MFT program area, Stephanie Cooke and Deneisha Scott-Poe, represented the Family Therapy Center at a Juneteenth event hosted by the Christiansburg Institute, titled Juneteenth 2020: A Celebration of Black lives, Black Talent & Black Joy.

Deneisha explained, “I think that this event was very valuable, it highlights the importance of Juneteenth, showcasing the talents of African Americans in the area, and drawing attention to the Christiansburg Institute. One of the things that I know from working in the FTC is that we want to serve our community and it is important for us to let the community know that we are here and this event was the perfect opportunity to do that!”

Stephanie also shared, “I felt like it was important and necessary to have the FTC at this special event. While at the event, I was amazed that a lot of folks in the New River Valley hadn’t heard of us before. I saw this as an opportunity to showcase our services (and therapists) to the wider community.”

From the Christiansburg Institute’s website (

“Our work at CI, Inc. is centered around grassroots community organizing, participatory education and inter-generational learning, and the historic preservation of the Edgar A. Long Building. We celebrate life, ancestors, tradition, art, music, food, and culture through programs, events, and Restorative Memorymaking.”