How can homes of the future support the health and well-being of families across the lifespan?  Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab is collaborating with the FutureHAUS team to answer that question.

FutureHAUS, a futuristic, modular smart home, recently received first-place over 14 other selected teams and more than 60 total entrants in the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East.  The United States Department of Energy and the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Electricity and Water Authority supported this competition.  The purpose of the competition was to accelerate research on building sustainable, grid-connected, solar homes.  In designing the home, the FutureHAUS team has also sought to revolutionize approaches to homebuilding.

Dr. Dolbin-MacNab has lent her expertise on aging and intergenerational relationships to the FutureHAUS design team.  According to Dr. Dolbin-MacNab, FutureHAUS has numerous design and technological features that are responsive to the needs of individuals across the lifespan.  By mitigating potential hazards, providing information and support, and offering necessary modifications and adaptations, FutureHAUS can improve the lives individuals and families by creating an environment that is responsive to and compatible with their needs.

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