MFT@VT Shares Research at NCFR

Students and faculty of the MFT doctoral program area were well represented at the 2018 annual conference of the National Council on Family Relations, which was held from November 7 – 10 in San Diego, California.

LGBTQ+ Youth

  • “Caregivers of LGBTQ+ Youth: Attitudes Toward an Attachment-Informed Family Treatment Approach,” Jamie Dellinger, Kaylin Bailey, Katherine Stockhecker, Jody Russon
  • “Experiences of Support and Rejection From Siblings and Extended Family Members: Perspectives From Transgender Youth and Young Adults,” Lauren Smithee, Erika Grafsky, Jenifer McGuire
  • “Past, Present, and Ideal Sexual Identities of Rural Appalachian Queer Youth,” Lauren Smithee, Lea El Helou, Melece Meservy, Erika Grafsky

Couple and Romantic Relationships

  • “Emerging Adult Men’s Communication With Parents About Romantic Relationship Maintenance and Dissolution,” Lea El Helou, Jameson Natwick, April Few-Demo
  • “Relationship Satisfaction Trajectories Among Low-Income Ethnic Minority Couples After Intervention,” Xun Liu, Naomi Wheeler, Michael Broda, Andrew Daire, Vanessa O’Hare, Sandy-Ann Griffith, Jenene Case Pease
  • “Work Out Harder or Longer? Exploring the Impacts of Exercise on Couples’ Daily Relationships,” Samantha Simpson, Lee Johnson, Shayne Anderson, Sam Ryland, Emily Stephens

Family Therapy

  • “Family Engagement Strategies for Educators and Providers: Supporting Suicidal Youth,”Jody Russon, Guy Diamond
  • “Rehabilitative Change Among Incarcerated Persons Enrolled in a Prison-Equine Program (PEP): Implications for Reentry Into Family and Community Life,” Joyce Arditti, Amy Morgan, Sara Spiers
  • “Where Do We Go From Here? Approaches to Integrating Advocacy Into the Family Therapist Identity,” Amy Morgan, Lorien Jordan, Jessica Goodman

Family Processes

  • “American Indian Adoptees/Fosterees: Barriers to Tribal Enrollment,” Ashley Landers, Amy Morgan, Sharon Danes, Carolyn Liebler, Sandy White Hawk
  • “Associations Between Emotion Regulation Difficulties and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among Depressed Youth: Parental Interaction Quality as a Buffer,” Bora Jin, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond
  • “Does Reunification Matter? Social Connection and Tribal Enrollment of American Indian Adoptees,” Ashley Landers, Amy Morgan, Sharon Danes, Sandy White Hawk

Research Methods

“Beyond Interviews: The Use of Aesthetic Forms of Data in Research,” Hoa Nguyen, Erika Grafsky, Jennifer Lambert-Shute, Tabitha McCoy

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